Facts and Figures


Number of vehicles Vehicle type Loading volume Payload
2 Small trucks (7,5 to) 40 m2 2,5 to
10 Taurpaulin Semi-trucks 90 m2 24 to
14 Taurpaulin Jumbo-Trailers 110 m2 20 to
40 Taurpaulin Mega-Toutliners 100 m2 20 to
9 Refrigerated freight Trailers 90 m2 24 to
6 Liquid-Bulk-trucks 30 m2 21,6 to
10 Sliding Floor trailers 90 m2 24 to
6 Tipper trucks 25/48 m2 26/24 to
6 Tipp-Chassis    
6 Container-Chassis    
4 WAB trucks 115 m2  
1 Liebherr LTM 1060/2 crane    
11 Heavy-Load and Specialized transportation trailers    


The high quality standards of Friedrich Jerich Nfg Transport GmbH & Co KG (Jerich Trans) are certified by the EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate and has an award by Leitbetriebe Austria.

The EN ISO 9001:2008 management system reflects throughout services offered by us.

Our already high standards are continuously improved and developed.

To confirm those quality standards "TÜV-Austria" assesses and re-evaluates our company annually.

Ongoing training of our employees guarantees a persistent high quality of services.

Certificates and awards can be seen in our Download section.