E-Mobility at Jerich Trans

05.10.2011 - 18:06

The project of the energy region Weiz, namely "A region is leaving the station", offers interested companies to test electric vehicles for free. Jerich Trans did not miss this opportunity to invite the energy region Weiz with its project   partner gfa to its premises. On the grounds, Mitsubishi MIEVs and e-bikes were tested by the employees of Jerich Trans. 


Further information can be found under E-Mobility test weeks

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The project "A region from the road with" Interested companies can test the energy region free of electric vehicles. Trans Jerich did not miss this opportunity to invite the Energy Region Weiz-track village with the project partners for a gfa on the premises. On the grounds were e.g. Mitsubishi MIEVs and pedelecs (bicycles with Tretkraftunterstützung) tested.

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